Lord Of The Flies by William Golding

I just read a book called Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding, And I found it to be a really satisfying, good classic. Lord Of The flies is about a group of kids who crash land on an island at the same time world war two is happening. Throughout the book the group face many troubles like fear, hate and death. With amazing details and realistic struggles this book easily makes it into my top five favorite books. And the reason why is; how good William Golding explains the book and the feelings of characters. Like when Piggy got his glasses stolen I felt that he was actually sad and afraid. Like it actually happened and I was there. When Conflict arose I could tell that it wasn’t going to end well.
The details and struggles are so real you forget it’s a fiction and assume it’s history. My first thoughts on this book were; How is this book going to play out? A Group Of kids getting stuck on an island is kind of unpredictable, considering there aren’t many cases of kids being on islands for long periods of time.
That’s why the elements of suspense are exceptional. A Feeling where anything
come happen at any time, one reckless jolt of energy from these young kids could set everyone off and then there would be trouble.
Character progression in this story is fair. Some characters you discover are more wild kids who join Jack and his group of hunters but some are peaceful and feel everything can be worked out, who join Ralph and Piggy. This is a constant struggle for everyone to choose because of the pros and cons and the ups and downs. Characters progress by taking charge or standing up. A change in sides suggests that they feel differently now and have either been succumed to peer pressure or escaped it. Some characters progress by being propelled into conflict, resolving it, or meeting their demise, many characters have either died or march forward and survive the island. A good story shows good character progression, and this is a good story.
I suggest reading this anytime you can. Not just for fun but it can teach you some life lessons like how to deal with conflict when you are outnumbered by people against you or when you are being made fun of. Just keep a keen eye and you can find a lot of tips. Or just more good things about this book I did not mention.

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