I first started reading this book because a teacher recommended it to me. I think this book is amazing. I have never been one for reading but i actually really enjoy this book. This book shows a good boy gone bad. What can happen and their consequences. John Green did a amazing job at writing this book. He captured the freshness, and the good heart of Miles. This also shows peer pressure because they pressure “Pudge” into smoking,drinking.A summary of this story is Miles goes away to a boarding school. He meets his roommate “The Colonel”. They hit it off immediately he introduces his roommate to his friend Alaska. Right off the bat Miles thinks she’s beautiful. Alaska is a good math student and has a thing for smoking and her boyfriend. In my opinion this book captures how it is to live like a teenager. How hard the peer pressure is for us teens. This also shows that love is very blind. Love can lead you into a very dangerous path. That sometimes you can never come out of. I give this book a 10/10 stars. I thought this was great and I can’t wait for the movie to come out this year.

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