Lonely Planet

Being lonely is a feeling synonymous with most teenagers. T.V and movies may make it seem like most teenagers have a large group of friends at school or that classic trio of 2guys and a girl/2girls and a guy and 2 of them end up falling in love.There’s also the typical 2 best friends who are inseparable.i belong to none of those categories.But that doesn’t make me the loner who talks to herself and sits alone during lunch.I have a few classmates i hang out with but i can’t relate to them at all. We do share some common problems and we do have some common interests but that doesn’t for me,necessarily amount to friendship.After a while i just begin to wonder if there is a person who will understand my eccentric habits among my other complexities.I wont deny,for a long time i misinterpreted my longing for a friend to be a void that could be filled by the presence of a boyfriend. Be rest assured,that trick wont work.If you are lucky enough to meet someone who can be your companion as well as your lover,nothing like it.But most of us are just not that lucky.

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But i have good news for you. You are still in the first quarter of your life. You have many years ahead of you to find that person. To find that someone who can not only understand you but also accept you for all your inglorious flaws.It is completely natural to lament and whine about being lonely.However, you have to remember that cribbing will not make that person magically appear next to you. So what should you do then? well to begin with,you must start giving people a chance.Just how you want to be accepted for who you are,you must allow others to be themselves.If the other person is EXACTLY like you,you will immediately lose interest in them and start feeling lonely again.Some of us are introverts and hate socializing and avoid it at all costs.Try your best to break out of this comfort zone and meet people.Charles Darwin rightly said that Man is a social animal.You must be willing to meet with people and at least make small talk with them.Who knows,you may one day find that special person just by making the effort to start a conversation!

So,to conclude,if you’ve ever felt alone in this world,felt like there isn’t another mortal here who could begin to understand you,if you’ve ever felt frustrated and anxious because you fear that you will remain alone in life without ever finding someone worthy enough to call a “best friend”..Im here to tell you that there are:
8 planets,6 continents,204 countries,809 islands,700,000,000+ people and some one,somewhere out there perfectly complements you in every single way and is just waiting to be found. A mammoth task? sure. But trust in the universe and more importantly in yourself, to find that someone and make this journey called ‘life’, worthwhile.

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