Teenagers experienced loneliness from World war 2 because having your parents leave for war can be a negative impact on anyone’s life. The fact that their parents left to go to war makes them develop loneliness, because many times parents are all what a teenager has. The separation from their parents can be devastating, and this can bring teenagers to a new, complicated road in life. Having someone you love leave for such an event as war not only effects the life of the soldier, but the lives of the loved ones as well suffer. This can all bring depression, the feeling of being abandoned, and feel motivated to do things such as drugs. Depression is commonly found in teenager due to the many things that they go through that can affect them and their health. Loneliness can cause depression. When a teenager feels lonely, depression usually leads to their loneliness because they feel that no one is there to support them and be there for them. Loneliness also can come from just being somewhere by yourself where no one is around. Loneliness can also be although you aren’t alone you’re feeling left out of activities. There are many different perceptions about loneliness, but the teen’s perspective is caused by things such as moving, not many friends, not enough activites, and being annoying can even make you lonely as a teen. Another way to become lonely is by being different whether it be race, age, ethnicity, sex, or grade level. Kids with special abilities can even be lonely. that is caused because others make them feel different. like in the book Lennie was lonely cause he was different from everyone else.

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