Locked Doors

“Get off the computer” or “Are you studying?” is maybe what you always hear from your parents. Do the words “LEAVE ME ALONE” ever pop in your head? Ever wonder why your parents make it seem like you’re in a jail cell locked and always protected? I think that parent involvement is very important, but it should have its limits. Although kids’ abhorrence when their parents are always concerned about them, some parents don’t even know what their child is doing that will affect their life in a negative way. Parent involvement is very much needed in a child’s life but it has to be in moderation. There are many different reasons why parents should be involved with limits.

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If parents aren’t involved they won’t know whether their child is doing poorly or dropping in a certain class or subject in school. It will help them in the future to have a better life, but their parent should not be over protective and let them have some space to excel in life. Another reason why parent involvement is necessary is, for example a child could be chatting online with a man or a woman that you’re not familiar with and this person could harm the child in many different ways. Without the parent knowing, how would they be able to stop it from going any further? Lastly, parents will have a better relationship with their child if they’re more involved, but with limitations. When I say limitations, I mean that parents let their child go out and be social with the world outside of their home but they are informed where and what the child is doing.

Although parents’ having a better relationship with their kids is important, children sometimes take having their parents being involved for granted. Some kids don’t have the opportunity to even have parents that will support them through their lives. Monitoring what your child is doing on the computer is a good way to stay involved without putting them in a jail cell all locked up and not letting them do anything. Having limits will break that chain that keeps your child in the jail cell locked, but you can still have them under the watchful eye of the jail guard. Some children only think their parents are trying to bother them and annoy them when they’re trying to be involved. Kids should know that their parents only have the best interest for them.

Now knowing that their parents only have the best interest in them they will reevaluate what they are going to say when they hear this: “Get off the computer and do your homework!” In your head you will consider turning off the computer and doing your homework first because you now that is the more responsible thing to do. If you start to do this on a regular basis, along with other responsibilities, that jail cell that you think you’re stuck in will be opened for you to have more freedom. Every time you improve and show your parents you’re responsible it will bring them closer to you and it will bring you closer to greater freedom and success.

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