Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Lock and Key

By Sarah Dessen

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The book that I have read was Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. She is also the author of many other books like Someone Like You, Just Listen, and Along For the Ride. She has won the award ALA Best Book for Young Adults. Many people enjoy reading her interesting books. She usually writes about romance and action.

Lock and key is a fictional book that takes place in Lakeview, an imaginary city. The main characters in the story are Ruby, Ruby’s sister, Cora, Ruby’s brother-in-law, Jamie, and Nate. Ruby and her sister have a huge age gap by ten years. Ruby and Cora lived a horrible life with their mother because she did not care about her children. Cora tried very hard in school and got straight A’s and went to college. Ruby got B’s and wasn’t looking forward into the future.

One day when Ruby came home from school, her mother had left her, and she left alone in their broken down house. Child Services came, and moved Ruby to a new home, which was her sister’s home. Cora’s husband, Jamie, made her feel welcome, and gave her a nice room, but Ruby did not feel welcome. She then decided to escape that night when everyone fell asleep. When the coast was clear, she slipped outside, but when she went outside, she heard Jamie and the dog . Ruby made a beeline for the fence and jumped over it, but someone was swimming in the pool which was Nate. Jamie came over and questioned Ruby, but Nate covered for her.

Jamie transferred Ruby to Perkins Day, the school that Nate goes to, and Nate asked to carpool with Ruby. Ruby didn’t want to at first, but when she did, she learned a lot about Nate, like he and his dad have a business that helps you with all of your needs. One day Nate took Ruby to work with him, and she met a lady named Harriet, who ran a kiosk selling jewelry.

Ruby carried her house key around her neck so it wouldn’t get lost, but Harriet liked it as a jewelry design and decided to use the idea. Everyone loved the idea of the necklaces. When Ruby wasn’t working, she was with Nate. They became very close, and they both fell in love with each other. Ruby found out that Nate’s father was abusing Nate, but whenever Ruby brought it up, Nate pushed it away. Will Nate ever open up? Will he tell Ruby what he thinks?

The theme of Lock and Key is that your friends and family will be there for you and that they are important. When Ruby’s mom left, Cora opened her arms and let Ruby stay with her. Jamie always tried to make Ruby feel at home. Nate always helped Ruby in every way possible. She didn’t realize until the end that family and friends are important.

Lock and Key makes you have several emotions. You were sad when Ruby’s mom left. You were happy when Cora took in Ruby. All in all, this story touches your heart, and gives you a perspective on things. This book was fantastic and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a little romance, and a touching story.

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