Life isn’t fair; I’ve heard that everywhere and I am getting tired of it. Every time I say “that’s not fair”, or “this isn’t fair” I always get the response “life isn’t fair”.” That’s annoying; I didn’t say “life’s not fair.”
Everybody knows life’s not fair; people don’t need that gloomy outlook on life even if it is true. Yes, I know I have an awesome life, compared to some of the kids in the world, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my own personal outlook on things. I don’t drag the world or life into everything I talk about not being fair. Life’s not fair; I absolutely despise that outlook of life.
The world is a harsh place, we all know that already but in reality we made the world this way. We, as human beings, started wars caused major deaths, hunger, forced ourselves into debts, all because we have to own a place or a certain thing.
If we went back a long time in time people always fought, yes, but back then we weren’t nearly as terrible as we are now. If we hadn’t started everything we have and we didn’t get into wars and debts then life would be fair, at least a lot fairer then it is now.

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