Readers will soar through this books amazing adventures and stories told in David William Smith’s Life History. David tells stories from his early years of youth to how many great grandchildren he has. He has expressed on how much excitement, happiness, and trials that he has faced.

The book has many details that caught my attention. Being able to read his stories from when he was a boy in World War Two and to when he saw all of his family together. He expresses some emotions and depictions through pictures that either his parents or himself took. He was able to show true pain and recovery.
During David’s stories he expresses all of the humor in his youth. Such as trying to recover his brother from a sandpit. He shows cliff hangers at the end of every story. Like ending with it saying “it was only then I realized that would be the last time I was able to talk to him again.” He was able to add climaxes and many exciting parts, keeping me on the edge of my seat.
This book would be amazing for everyone. This would be exciting for the little kids to hear about the amazing stories and challenges that he faced. It would be thrilling to hear about all of the circumstances he has been able to face. This truly was an amazing book to read. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants the real action and adventure.

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