Every year there are people getting scholarships revoked for irresponsible decisions that could have been avoided. It’s sad because these are the kids that have an unbelievable amount of athletic ability, but with that one decision to smoke or drink maybe even just one time can throw it all away in a matter of minutes. Do they think it is helping them? Do they think of how it will affect them? Most importantly, is it worth it?

How are those things helping you? I can’t think of one positive reason that would interest me. But for me it is easy, I leave no time for that stuff because softball means more to me than anything. Besides these things kill your body. I want to live a long healthy life. Therefore I need no drugs and alcohol. And I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t find it attractive when guys drink and smoke.

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How are these harmful things going to affect you? People think oh yeah… I got in trouble for underage drinking once but that was a while ago and no one remembers that. Well for one, people are always going to be forming opinions because we are human and that’s what we do. That gives your name a bad reputation, which no one wants. Secondly this isn’t something that just goes away with time. It stays on your record and when you apply for jobs and colleges they will see it.

Is it worth it? This is a question a lot of people fail to ask themselves before making their decisions. Is this decision going to come with a punishment? Is it worth it? I always ask myself this before doing something I have to think twice about.

This isn’t something we should just say…everyone else is doing it, so will I! No, this is where you want to go a different direction than the rest of the crowd. This is serious, it’s harmful and it isn’t worth it. Think before you act!

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