Weed is a lot less dangerous than you think. Here’s why,

According to scientist they have studied and found that over many many years not one person has ever died of smoking weed. They also found that when they are high, they are not dangerous, in matter fact they are calm and relaxed. People that are alcoholics are a lot more dangerous than when you are high off weed.

The second reason is that weed is probably the least dangerous substance. Even sugar is more deadlier than weed. Over the years everybody knows that cigarettes are very deadly and they still legalize that even when they found out that it can kill people. The only reason why they haven’t made cigarettes illegal is because businesses like camel and marlboro would lose their money and go out of business.

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Another reason is because weed could help and save millions of people suffering with illnesses like cancer, Aids, depression and even anxiety. If the patient is in pain and they smoke weed or take the drug another way, it will ease down the pain and make the person more relaxed and less stressed out.

A lot of people do complain about how weed could be dangerous in a lot of ways. For an example, if you smoke some weed daily it an can begin to lower your brain cells and it can make you less intelligence. But, according to Natural News they state, “[T]hose who had used cannabis [greater than or equal to] 50 times did not differ from never-users on either IQ or educational performance,” the study concludes, pointing out that cigarette use is the main culprit behind lowered IQs and poorer academic performance. So, people may think that smoking weed will bring down your intelligence and your IQ but it’s actually just a myth. To support my thinking it states that at The Guardian.

Marijuana should be legal medical and recreational. Did you know that the only reason why weed is illegal and cigarettes is legal is because of money for the government and for the government to cover up the fact that they TRY to KILL off our population. So, the population that smoke cigarettes today could possibly not be here tomorrow because of the U.S government. So, now do you think Weed should be legal?

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