Last Message is a book from Seven, The Series about a grandfather that makes his seven grandsons go on seven different journeys to complete tasks so that their grandfather can know if they are worthy enough to be in his will. The series is written by seven different authors. The great thing about this series is that you can read it in any order.

This is a story about a teenage boy, Adam Murphy, from Buffalo. He has a cute girlfriend, Shirley, great parents, and helps out Leon, his best friend, who is also disabled. But his pleasant life is thrown into chaos when he receives a letter from his dead grandfather. In the letter, his grandfather sets out a quest for young Adam. Adam wonders what it means when he reads his grandfather’s words: “ The tasks will show you a side of me that you’ve never seen before, a side that I am ashamed of.”

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Adam is sent to Arles, France by himself with money and a suitcase. The tasks he must complete are very difficult, almost impossible, and could get him arrested and flung into French jail.

From this point on Adam’s journey is adventurous and full of mystery.

The author of the book, Shane Peacock writes with a beautiful flow. He nicely transitions from one plot point to another. He leaves you with an answer in the beginning of the chapter and a mystery or question at the end of the chapter. Peacock’s writing is also very detailed especially when he describes people and places.

This book will leave you on the edge-of-your-seat. I recommend this novel and series to those who enjoy the themes of family and courage with a healthy dose of adventure.

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