Last Dance by Lurlene McDaniel

If you like to read about drama, tension, wonder what will happen next and care about the characters, then the book Last Dance by Lurlene McDaniel is for you! Lurlene McDaniel said a great statement: “I write the kind of books I write because I want to help kids understand that nobody gets to pick what life dishes out to them. What you do get to choose is how you respond to what life gives you. No matter what happens, life is a gift. And always worth living.”—Lurlene McDaniel, which basically explains the main theme of the story! So in this book, you will read about a girl named Rachel, who loves dancing and wants to get to her target no matter what! She will go through many problems, illnesses to finally get to her dream and be the best. There is also a girl named Melanie. She is very pretty, but she is also mean to Rachel all the time.

At the beginning of the book, Rachel lived a great life full of her friends, family, hobbies, interests and of course DANCING! Dancing was her favorite thing to do She was training every day for 5 hours because she wanted to be the best dancer! Her friends and parents supported her and so she was a happy girl. Of course, like in all other books, Rachel had an enemy. This time it was a pretty and talented girl named Melanie, who was dancing too! So there was some problems and jealousy between them. Anyway, everything would have been continuing that good, but one moment, one conversation and one feeling changed her life forever! So I really like the plot, because the author explained all the events that happened in chronological order so that they make sense. But at the same time, I also dislike the plot, because I wish the author would add more events after the climax and I wish the author would give the resolution to the problem.

In this book, a 14-year old girl named Rachel is really targeted and she never gives up, no matter what. She knows what she likes and she knows what she is going to do in her life, so Rachel is just trying to reach her goal. So I think that Rachel is a very nice girl like we all should be. We all should have a goal and try to reach it. Sometimes people start any kind of sport, but later any obstacles can break as and we stop doing what we have planned to do. We shouldn’t be like that. We should be like Rachel and always do what we planned to do. Also in this book, there is a 14-year old girl named Melanie. She is very pretty and she is dancing really well. In the ballet club, Melanie and Rachel are the best students. But Melanie is very jealous and she is always trying to make fun of Rachel through the whole book. So I dislike this character because I think we all should be happy for each other and help each other.

In conclusion, I think this book is very interesting and you should read it. Even though it is about dancing, there is a boy character in this book and also it explains to you how to live a good life and what kind of person you should be. So this book will be interesting for girls and for boys. And I think you might change your way of thinking through reading this book. You will read about some people’s’ lives and you will understand how happy you are. So if you like some tension, go ahead and grab this book in the library! You will enjoy it – I promise!