Know Your Worth…

Relationships… Everyone wants to find the fairy tale they read in the stories and see in the movies. I’m not saying there is no such thing as a high school sweetheart but sometimes everything IS NOT what it seems to be. You may feel like you’re in love with a person and you want to do anything to make them happy; but you should also take into consideration what makes you happy.

High school relationships are a lot to deal with. Especially if your looking for someone to spend your life time with and not just someone temporary. Peer pressure can also play a big role in your relationship especially when it comes to sex. If your a virgin your virginity is a prize possession to you. If you don’t take it that serious I’m not judging you or trying to tell you how to feel I’m just saying put into consideration how you would feel after you have sex or of your the type of person who wants to have a family and how you want to tell your kids how you lost your virginity.

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You shouldn’t rush and have sex just because all of your friends are doing it or because you feel like your obligated to do it because your in a relationship.If your boyfriend is pressuring you to have sex with him you should keep in mind anyone who really loves you would wait until you are ready.

Sex is not just a big role in relationships but so is infidelity. If you are being cheated on you don’t deserve the person your with. If you don’t love yourself then nobody will. It’s okay to believe in second chances but 3rd, 4th and 5th chances is that person taking advantage of you. If he/she can’t see what he sees in the another person then you shouldn’t have to be cheated on you deserve someone better. You have to know your worth! It breaks my heart when I see someone in a unhealthy relationship and all they can respond back and say when you ask them why they say “Because I love them”

I’m not trying to tell you what love is. Or to judge you. Who am I to judge you? I’m am simply just saying my opinion on how I feel about relationships and just to give you a little advice. A healthy relationship is everything. No one deserves to be in a abusive,cheating,or any kind or relationship that isn’t right period! Love yourself or nobody will…

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