Family are those who have your back through everything. Kendra, is about a 14 year old living in the Bronx, who’s finding more about herself with the help of others. Coe Booth often writes about friendships, family, and love. Urban books like Kendra, really put into perspective how environments effect life on a daily basis. I enjoyed reading this book because it shows how certain situations have a drastic impact on her growth as a young teen.
Kendra’s mom, Renee, had her at the age 14. Still figuring out her life, Renee, left Kendra to live with her grandma. This created a unique girl because she pushes herself to do better even on rough days. She does make mistakes like everyone. That’s why her growth has shown so much throughout the book. She is an inspiring young girl that sticks up for her beliefs.

Kendras biggest distraction is a boy Nashawn. He caused a big disaster between her and her aunt, Adonna. They both couldn’t get enough of his charm which led to an even worse situation. How could a boy cause so much drama between one family?

Living with your grandma and not seeing your mom often can really take a toll on your life over all. In high school, girls tend to have their attention on boys. That should not be the case and this book makes you realize it.
Kendra is an inspiring book that teen girls should read to develop more self-control.

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