Is Sexuality Orientation a Choice?

Love should be viewed without lables.Then why do we tend to label some people on the basis of the person they choose to love? Some people say that they are labelled because they are “borned this way” or they are “simply different than the rest”. But my question is, are they really born this way ? or is it their choice to have a different sexual identity ? if we take a look at our history , the 19th century scientisits believed that gays are just men with a female soul who desire a male body and that the reverse was true for lesbians. acoording to me , this theory is quite naive and absolutely misguiding. according to recent studies , it has been proven that the the sex hormones released by the hypothalamus os a straight person is way different from that of a gay person.Genetic studies have also seem to prove that homosexuality runs in the family. its more like a a chhild who is birthed by a lesbian has fifty percent chances of being homosexual. It might be true that these studies have provided a particular hypothesis as to how genetics or the brain are involved in determining the sexualioty of a person , but it has failed to prove as to how do these theories actually work? several hypothesises were provided in the 20th century mostly by the psychologists who actually viewed homosexuality as a variation of human sexual desires, they somehow belived that people tend to be attracted to the same sex unconciously atleast once in their lifetime. Some psychologists arugued that people choose to be LGBT because of parental negligence or the glamouralisation of the homosexual community by the society.

Human sexuality is quite complex .So, if there is absolutely no proof as to how a person’s biological structure forms the bsis the developement of sexual orientation then we can agree witht the fact that sexual orientation is infact a choice. The question of “born this way” or “by choice” is much more complex than the political debates or scientific arguments. Poeple tend to live their sexuality diversely. stripping off of that diversity for the sake of scientiific studies is quite impoverished.Here a question arises, if science is so opaque in answering the questions related to sexual orientation then why do we still look up to science to provide us with theories and hypothesises to prove that homosexuals are “born that way” ? well according to me its kinda simple because we tend to think that something proven as biological is way much more relevant than something proven socially. For example when people say that being homosexual is a sin , they tend to forget that they’re using a word ” homosexual” as a label to define a person merely as a sex act , or in simple words they tend to label a fully developed, complexed human being as a mere performer of sexual intercourse, they neglect the fact that the LBGT people do have an amotion component in their lives and they do feel and profess love.

The “born this way” mantra of the gay rights movement is both simple and absolute, despite the science that shows human sexuality is complex and fluid. Transgender people, for example, do not believe their biology matches who they truly are. Bisexuals, some of whom identify their sexuality as fluid. Gay or straight , male or female , I believe that our bodies dont really always definewho we are. So yes I do agree with the fact that the LGBT people are definitely making a choice , a choice to live an honest and aunthentic version of themeselves. They have chosen to follow their hearts. Because the choice is theirs.