Into the Wild is a befitting name for this novel. It not only has elements of the literal wild but it also is wild in mystery. This genre is a new one for me. I’ve never been much into true accounts of experiences. In fact, the only reason I read this was because my school necessitated I do so. I devoured this book within a span of 2 days. Who would think that merely a story of a man going off into the wild would be so enticing? The credit for that fully goes to the author. He endowed this novel with superb storytelling abilities. He made readers think about the man behind the mystery. He attempted to shed light on a confusing act. He did this by relating this man to others. The author also managed to pull of a rare feat. He created the protagonist of this true story into something of a hero. There were fantastical elements about him. It’s an accomplishment to make a real-life figure whom never truly performed an act of heroism, into someone to root for. He also managed to lessen the tragedy in this novel by introducing it outright and focusing on other aspects of the experience. This memoir is one for the ages-truly life-changing.

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