“In the United States, each individual is seen as completely an marvelously unique.”(Kohls) I agree with this statement because I also think that individualism is important in our society today. How does individualism affect society? Individualism is very important in our society. It tells us who is who. It lets people be themselves and express themselves freely as they are. Being an individual is probably one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. “In the United States, each individual is seen as completely an marvelously unique.” I agree with this statement from “The Values Americans Live By” because I also think that individualism is important in our society today.

The influence of early American thinking was greatly persuaded by individualism.(Leavitt 60) This importance, expressed by early leaders and the American public, is still widely viewed as the most important part of American political culture today. This belief system is a natural, desire. perhaps evident in all mankind.(Leavitt 60) Others think that individualism was the direct effect of proper government establishment. Whatever the case may be, feelings of individualism were apparent in early American minds. Evidence of early Americans commitment to individualism can be found throughout early texts and documents.(Leavitt 61) These documents are proof that many early influential leaders attempting to satisfy the needs of the American public have expressed devotions to individualism.(Leavitt 62) Early American attempts to formulate a democracy were founded on responding to the wants of “free” people.(Leavitt 62) The individualistic views noted in this early period are rights that modern Americans sometimes take for granted.(Leavitt 63) The widespread passion for individualism had helped to build one of the most successful ruling institutions, meeting the concerns and requests of the American people. However, it is also clear that the early thought of individualism is not directly similar to the individualistic views we carry today.

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Individualists are the people this nation is built around. I believe that people need to be themselves. Some people just follow the flow of what there friends are doing or what there friends want them to do. Being an individual is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You need to let go of what people think of you or what people want you to be and do what you feel you want to do. some people dress certain ways because they don’t want to be made fun of. i say if their friends are making fun of them for what their wearing or what their doing then their not real friends at all. If you like what your doing you should go with it and not be influenced by the opinions of others. in a society people look more highly upon people who are individuals.

I know people who have parents that pretty much re-live their childhood or their dreams threw their children and that is just wrong. There are people on my swim team that are only swimming because their parents make them do it, and that is just pathetic. If your child doesn’t want to do a sport then you should not make them. Also organizations do not like groups. Society is affected greatly by individualism. When you are joining a club, or a team, or starting a new job, the people who run the whole deal don’t want to see you joining with a group of friends. Or sending in an applications with a group of friends. They want you to be independent and if you can’t do something on your own, it shows them that you are too lazy or lack the motivation to be successful on your own.

A lot of Americans are viewed as a very individualistic people. So what really is individualism? Individualism is the overall perception of how one sees one another. There are good cases of Individualism and bad cases of individualism. There are also many different theories and stereotypes. Individualism is what makes all of us different and what makes us who we are and made America what It is today.

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