A mayor holds many responsibilities. If you vote for me for mayor of Waukesha, I will assure that city edict and state laws are observed and enforced and that all city officers and employees perform their duties. I will serve as the policy leader for the community, providing policy information and recommendations to the council. I want every citizen in my city to live a happy and clean life.

As mayor, I will have three main focuses to help keep our city safe, secure, and sanitary. First, I will encourage those who do not have a home to go to homeless shelters and women in need of help to go to The Women’s Center. Also, I will help with animal control and make sure the Humane Society is doing its proper job with the animals, giving them out to quality homes. Finally, I will make sure everyone is healthy; I will enforce clean air, clean water and recycling.

Primarily, as mayor of Waukesha, I would promote and advertise homeless shelters and The Women’s Center to all citizens. As mayor, it will be my responsibility to keep the citizens of my city safe. Any woman who has had a traumatic experience and does not feel safe is welcome to go to The Women’s Center. I want the women in Waukesha to know they are not alone and they can get help if desired. I also want anyone who is struggling with finance and does not have a home to feel comfortable going to a homeless shelter. The homeless shelters will provide resources and aid for all genders and all ages. Whether they stay at the shelter for months or just a week, they should know they are welcome at any time and there are volunteers ready to help them get back on their feet. I will visit every homeless shelter and every women’s center four times a year to make sure these rules and regulations are followed. Every month I will call the shelters to check in on how their business is going. As mayor I want all citizens in Waukesha to know that there is a place for you in this world and there are people who are willing to help and keep you safe.

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Equally, as mayor of Waukesha I would encourage citizens to not be abusive with animals and to adopt. Just as much as I want all citizens of Waukesha to feel safe and secure, I want all animals in Waukesha to feel safe and secure also. I will make sure every animal in this city has a safe and loving home. I will check to make sure all animals who get adopted go to a caring and kind family, are living their lives to the fullest, and being take care of as well as they can. I will have people send out post-adoption letters. Two months after someone adopts an animal, they will send a picture and a letter of how the animal is adapting and acting in its new home. Citizens will send this letter to HAWS and I will check in monthly to read the letters. I also want to eliminate animals from being tested on. Each year, over 100 million animals die in laboratories from being tested on. I want to significantly lower this number across the globe. To lower this number I will send volunteers to laboratories to take animals that are being tested on. I will do anything and everything I can to make sure animals are not being used in labs. As mayor I want all animals in Waukesha to have a warm, loving family to live with.

Finally, I want all citizens in my city of Waukesha to live a healthy lifestyle. I would enforce clean air and water and have a recycling program. The cleaner the city is, the more enjoyable it will be for people to live in. My goal is to make the city of Waukesha so clean that everyone will want to visit Waukesha. People from around the globe will want to visit and vacation in Waukesha. I would like to have Waukesha be listed as one of the “Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the U.S.” by TIME. In order to keep our city so clean, everyone needs to help. For the businesses that recycle we will create incentives, but fines for the businesses who do not recycle. This will help influence others to also recycle. I will enforce and promote a mandatory yearly water check which will be paid for by the city of Waukesha. All residences of Waukesha will get a free ‘Do-It-Yourself Water Check’ kit in the mail once a year. Everyone will be required to check their water and if it shows any problems, call their local well company . To also eliminate air pollution we will have a yearly free emission test for all drivers in the city of Waukesha. Once a year citizens can bring their car into their qualified auto shop. I will also promote electric cars to create less air pollution. As mayor I want all citizens in Waukesha to feel clean and and live a healthier lifestyle.
Overall, if you vote for me to be your mayor, you will not be disappointed. I will do my greatest to make our city of Waukesha the best it can be. As mayor, I will enforce all laws, conserve peace, and manage the operations of our city. I will try to make the city of Waukesha an overall better place in the state of Wisconsin. I will work long hours to create a safe, secure and sanitary city for all to live in. I will keep all ages safe and secure in shelters, have laws about animal control, and create a more sanitary and healthy environment to live in. Vote me, Katie L., for your next city of Waukesha, Wisconsin mayor.

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