I saw her !
I don’t remember how i had felt , when i saw her face .
she was more beautiful than the day before, she will also be more beautiful than today the day after , because day after day she is getting more beauty !!
How will feel if you can’t disclose your love to the person you love ? it is realy very difficult !!
I meet her everyday , because we are at the same high-school , we are friend ( in her view ) , we work and we talk together all the time, she loves another person , she don’t stop thinking of him . I knew that, when we were in library ; i was talking , she didn’t care about what i was saying , my curiosity pushed me to ask her if she is with me , she sayed ” unfortunately yes ” , i was shocked , then i realised that she sayed that because she wanted to be with him .
I have tried to forget her by accepting to be her friend ,but i couldn’t, i had to choose to be far of her by recognizing our frienship . although of my love toward her , i accepted to be her friend and nothing more .
How will you act if you are in my place ?!! , don’t tell me you will be frank with her , then she will admit you and fall in your love , because this happening just in movies . We are in the fact , everything is real , my love for her is real , her frienship for me is real !!
If i had a magic wand , i would not have changed this reality , because i will never feel her True love !!

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