i luv you

My best friend. He’s been there as long as I can remember. With eyes so deep and a heart full of love that, even today, is still so pure. I love him, more than most. I would even give my life for him, and I mean that with my whole heart. I’m sure this all sounds cheesy, but I’m just being honest. I’ve loved him for years. But not the kind of love that you text to your two month boyfriend or give to your high school buddies. It’s not an obligated love like with family members and it’s not the kind of love that you give to someone you marry, either. It’s a love that only few people truly feel in this lifetime, between themselves and their best friends. And despite what many may think, it’s not mushy or fake, but genuine. Some, not including me, even call it “agape.” It amazes me how it never goes away. And how it’s so strong that even after being separated for years; you can see that person one day and pick up right where you left off. I know this is true from experience.
More people should have this kind of love. But most never experience it, although several think that they do on a daily basis. People in today’s world, especially my generation and the ones that follow, tend to show a love to others that’s basically described as “luv.” You can text it, fake it, force it, pretend it’s something more than what it amounts to, easily give it away, show it to people you don’t even know, say it just to be saying it or use it as just another word, lie about it, use it as a security blanket, become addicted to it, fool yourself into believing it’s real, or even worse, be fooled into believing it.
Luv is becoming a way of life, for some, and beginning to take over the way that people love one another. Some find it very convenient to simply say that they love someone and then leave, or walk out on them, or even completely shut that person out of their life. People say, “I love you,” all too quickly now days and quite frankly, I’m starting to despise hearing that phrase from people that I know don’t truly love me. I can’t be a hypocrite, though. I catch myself acting just like every other person around me at times; going through the motions of life and rattling off “love you!” while hurrying away to do something else. But I’m trying to fix that about myself.
It’s wrong to tell someone that you love them if you don’t truly LOVE them. This can be hurtful to more than just that person. The time has come for people to change their ways and be real with those around them.