Before even learning how to write a profile essay, you need mastery skills on how to begin it. Undeniably, unfinished work does not guarantee any audience or grades. However, it begins by knowing how to write a profile essay and what a profile essay is.

In your journey as a student, your professor or instructor will test your profile essay writing skills. Therefore, you need to know how to write the body paragraphs of a profile essay, how to conclude your profile essay, and how to write an outline to a profile essay. This article guides you on how to do that.

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Begin the essay with the person’s appearance is you are describing a notable individual. For instance, detailing some of the Degrees and the universities a person attended can be a good starting point for creating an excellent profile essay. If it is an essay about a city, focus on the demographics, world rankings, awards, geography, name, and other notable features.

What Is a Profile Essay?

A profile essay is a form or descriptive literary writing that centers on the description of a place, an even, or an individual/person. As such, the essay should always be well-composed, comprehensive, and have balanced information on a given subject.

For instance, if asked to describe a notable past Feminist, civil right activist, philanthropist, organization, or medieval city, it boils down to writing a profile essay. Therefore, it is not just some superficial description of the subject. Preferably, it is designed to respond to questions that arise when trying to understand the subject.

An example of a profile essay is a personal interview written by an interviewee. Mostly, profile essays are written by a major journalism student as part of their term paper, coursework, or assignment.

A comprehensive profile essay fetches great grades and should demonstrate in-depth research, knowledge, and organization skills. It is wise to use spatial order when writing profile essays on places or things.

Begin the essay with the person’s appearance is you are describing a notable individual. For instance, detailing some of the Degrees and the universities a person attended can be a good starting point for creating an excellent profile essay. If it is an essay about a city, focus on the demographics, world rankings, awards, geography, name, and other notable features.

The Purpose of Profile Essays
Profile essays as the name suggest seeks to describe a place, thing, event, occurrence, or a person. For that reason its purpose is to:

  • Detail some of the observations and knowledge on the subject.
  • To give the audience an understanding of the person, place, or thing under discussion.
  • Prove the prowess in writing great profile essays

In college, profile essays are meant to assess your organization, presentation, and research skills. It is one of the most confused types of essays. It would be best if you had tips and skills to write an outstanding profile essay. Even with the millions of examples of profile essays or essays on someone, you can find yourself wondering how to write a profile essay.

An example profile essay on a person is a profile essay on Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, or George Bush. It is the same thing if you are writing an essay about yourself. You have at some point wondered how to write a profile essay of yourself, haven’t you?

Remember, any essay writing process is preceded by preparing an outline or structure of the essay. This is not different for profile essays.

Above all, ensure that you have enough information on the subject of interest before putting down your points.

Outline Example

I. Hook sentence.

  • a. Discuss theme in connection to topic.
  • b. State thesis.

II. First body paragraph: supporting details/facts.

III. Second body paragraph: supporting details/facts

IV. Third body paragraph: supporting details/facts

V. Conclusion: recap thesis and main points.

Structure of a Good Profile Essay

Let us look at how to structure a profile essay. Maybe this would help when writing a professional or personal profile essay. Here is a breakdown of a profile essay:

  1. An opening paragraph/ introduction. This should give a brief description of the subject, the scope of the essay, and present the thesis statement. The introduction should begin with a leading sentence that describes the event or the person. The following sentences can then be the summary of informative points in the body paragraphs.
  2. Main Body. The body paragraphs determine the length of the essay. A short profile essay should have at least three body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should include examples. If you use external sources, ensure you cite them. It is only through that that you can avoid plagiarism in your college and university essays.
  3. Conclusion/ closing paragraph. This is the climax of your profile essay and should restate the thesis, summarize each of the body paragraphs, and bring closure to the essay.
    Rules are rules, and these are just some things to strictly follow as they guide how to write a profile essay.

How do you start a profile Essay?

It has been a long time coming, but let us face it. Typically, a profile essay must be comprehensive, attractive, and presentable. In this regard, you will need to set very high standards on first impressions for a lasting readership.

So then, what do you write in the introduction of a profile essay? Well, the introductory/opening sentence must be an attention grabber or an essay hook that engages the reader. Besides, your subject matter must reflect in the thesis statement of the essay.

Profile essays need to include a well-thought and crafted thesis in the opening paragraph. Tell the audience why they need to stay tuned in reading the essay.

Anecdotes, quotes, or adage could be an excellent way to begin the introductory sentence. To an allowed extreme, you can include humor to engage and intrigue the readers.

Every person is unique in their own accord. Therefore, you must show total respect to individuals when writing an essay about that someone. For this reason, it is preferred that you take a condescending tone. No one will tell you this, but such a tone produces the best essay on a person. Disrespect makes a profile essay lose taste. Do we need to tell you the consequences?

Profile Essay Topics

College Profile Essay Topics
U.S. Senators
U.S. Representatives
Former Presidents
Female Politicians
Obscure historical landmarks
Notable battlefields of Civil War
Paul Revere
Female Geniuses
Female artists
Female CEOs
Anita Hill
Clarence Thomas
Christine Blasey Ford
Brett Kavanaugh
The printing-press
The corset
The Supreme Court
The Holocaust Museum
The Frick
The Whitney
The Guggenheim
The HIV/AIDS crisis
Pre-nuptial agreement

Easy Profile Essay Topics

  • Donald Trump
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Barack Obama
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Cakes
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Wine
  • Meryl Streep
  • Tom Hanks
  • America
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • The common cold
  • Marriage
  • Divorce

Interesting Profile Essay Topics

  • Handcuffs
  • Breast implants
  • Platform shoes
  • High-heeled shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Famous cartoon characters
  • Famous fairy tale characters
  • Famous Disney Princesses
  • Dead celebrities
  • Haunted historical sites
  • Haunted places
  • Famous ghosts
  • Hottest hot wings
  • Weirdest museum
  • Strangest deaths
  • Unsolved murders
  • Most beautiful person
  • Richest person
  • Reality TV shows
  • Reality stars
  • Most iconic film
  • Weirdest cemetery
  • Faded celebrities

Personal Profile Essay Topics

  • Your mother/father
  • Your sibling
  • Your childhood best friend
  • Your childhood enemy
  • Your first boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your first roommate
  • Your first broken heart
  • Your first celebrity crush
  • Your first childhood home
  • Your first museum
  • Your first opera/ballet/play
  • Your first pet
  • Your favorite relative
  • Your best teacher
  • Your biggest influence

Concluding a Profile Essay

Students and professionals alike always wonder how to conclude a profile essay. Well, not our professional essay writers. You have been successful in writing the entire essay. Now, in conclusion, you have to convince the readers. Writing a good conclusion is mandatory for an essay.

Always restate the thesis statement. Restating does not mean introducing new concepts. However, it means using different words but maintaining message-paraphrasing. When writing an effective conclusion, you should answer the question “, what next?” or, “so what?” Focus only on stuff relevant to the readers.

It would help to give a summary of each body paragraph in the chronology or order in the essay. In the end, your conclusion should leave the readers yearning for more on the chosen profile essay topic.

Remember, each of the paragraphs must have an opening sentence, the facts, and examples, and the concluding or closing sentence. Stick to coherence as it ensures there is a good flow in your paper. Besides, always use transitions to bring flow to your profile essay.

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