Have you ever heard of intoxicated drivers?
If not it is a huge mistake that often results in car accidents. A solution I came up with is that the drivers that were drunk could lose their license for a year. Here is my proof to go along with my reason…

The first reason is that they could end up killing others not to mention the driver. An example is that about a few months ago a family was hit by a drunk driver in Austin Texas. The driver had a small punishment of five years prison. If you need more proof another group of teens were killed in Houston. The driver was not caught.
The second reason is that could happen is that it wastes the cities money. They have to pay for the ambulance and th4e people to clear the wreckage. Not to mention they would need to clean the corpses.
The third and final reason is that it causes traffic for many people. A person in a rush could cause another accident. Not to mention that nobody likes to wait in traffic. Many people do get angry.
These reasons altogether show that drunk driving should be stopped. IF they ban it many lives could be saved. If you disagree I understand but those were my reasons for it.

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