This is the main question and its answer is really important because today many people in this world are living the life without knowing the real target in life. Life and money is the biggest blessing of god. So, we should not waste it and spend it rightly because life is one time. We should do good deeds because one day we will be left just a memory for others so, we should do something good so that the people could remember us with good thoughts. Many people are spending life for just money; they are collecting and saving money. But that is not what we should do. We should spend money on our family and poor people because helping others gives us relief. The main goal in our life should be education because we should seek education first. We should have the spirit patriotism and serve our country whole heartedly. We should respect our elders and should help elders. Because these are the things we should do to get success. We should do something big in our life to bright the name of our country, world and family. We should spend money on good things. We should earn money rightly from our profession and spend it on good things. If we are doctor then we should open our own hospital and provide free medicine and treatments for poor people. Many people think that money is the only way to help people and money is everything but that is 100 percent wrong. We could help people without money. We should respect our elders, parents, neighbors and should be happy in their happiness and should be sad in their sadness. We should understand their feelings and try to cheer them whenever they are sad. So, see there are many ways to help people without money. And we should to spend the life correctly and also recommend others.

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