Homosexual Marriages

Unlike most of people, who recognize that same-sex marriages are not natural and healthy, I consider that homosexual unions should be legalized as marriages equivalent to heterosexual ones. The state cannot destroy a traditional concept of marriage as “a voluntary union between a man and a woman, excluding other people”.

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Marriage between a man and a woman has always been a unique type of the relations, which naturally leads to the creation of a newborn person, and provides this person with the best conditions for education and development through stability and mutual obligations. However, I think, gender distinctions are not the main component of a marriage. Two homosexuals or two lesbians can take a newborn baby from the children’s house and give them a proper care, love, support and education. One of the lesbians can also make an artificial insemination, as the child’s conception demands the man’s participation and a donor of the sperm. Thus, the child born by the lesbian in the result of an artificial insemination will have a biological father irrespective of the fact whether he knows it or not. The state should support such a situation in its laws and judicial authority.

A traditional family is not always the best place for a child to develop and receive education, and consequently the state is obliged to support as an imitation model. The social researchers proved that a family, both homosexual and traditional, led to the best results in children’s development and growth and gave them special “social benefits”. The researchers also showed that the happy family brought the best results for health, economic welfare and wellbeing of men, women and children.

Some people think that the only basis of homosexual marriages is the sensual communication and erotic romanticism. Such an approach to marriage is completely wrong. It is an absolutely different culture and worldview, which wants to force out an understanding of sex and human relations. For instance, the British law legalized the homosexual civil unions in 2004 and so many couples got a chance to enjoy living together which only did a favor to the whole nation and people.

I think the person should start to interfere and break traditional definition of marriage; homosexual marriages must be legalized to exclude an unceasing stream of chaos in human relations. Everything is based only on an individual decision of loving people, so why not make homosexual marriages legal?

It is known that the sexual life with different partners leads to diseases, depression, suicides, life expectancy reduction and so on (Sullivan 174). It is considered that same-sex pairs are extremely chaotic with the sexual partners. If the homosexual marriages are allowed, the majority of such pairs will have constant legal partners or spouses and no sexual activity aside.

This is not a secret for anyone today that the homosexual way of life has the main fearful enemy, which accompanies everyone who sticks to this lifestyle. This enemy is called AIDS. There are also various venereal diseases which pursue ruthlessly all who participate in this lifestyle. Legalized marriages will reduce the probability to catch such a disease, I think.

In September, 2010, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention which is a part of the state structure and submits to the Ministry of health of the USA, gave out an official statistics, concerning the health of the homosexuals in the USA. Despite the fact that only 4 % of the men’s population of the USA had homosexual contacts, there are more than 50 % of the patients with AIDS among the whole population of the USA. It means that homosexuals have 44 % more chances to catch AIDS. In this case, it is very important to take into consideration that many other homosexuals do not even know that they are sick with this illness. Such figures are tragic. So, let us give a chance to these people to find a constant partner and to avoid such an illness.

It is also necessary to tell about religious people for whom the sodomy and the unisex sexual relations are a sin and are forbidden by the norms of the professed religion. They are also not only people who are in favor of the preservation of cultural and moral values of the society, the people, and the nation, which have been a priority for many centuries. I hope, the permission of the unisex marriages will not offend these people. They should accept it because it does not contradict their cultural and moral norms, and they will support it.

Marriage is “a sacred cultural tradition, canonized and settled”. The violation of this tradition is the defilement of the sacred cultural canon, and not everyone, as all of us understand, will endure it. However, my opinion is that the state should place priorities before the society as it considers correct actions of the citizens. It is desirable to create a larger quantity of the families and such a social behavior should be welcomed. If the permission to get married to the homosexual couples is not given, that means the state opposes a similar social behavior and does not support the family constant relations.

If homosexual marriages are allowed, they will be considered by everybody that it is not only a norm but something supported by the state. Only “the societies in which these marriages are allowed, are often much less depressive, with a small number of sexual crimes and with a big birth rate”.

The homosexual marriages are favorable in respect to bringing up children. For a normal socialization of the child, he/she should contact constantly to the representatives of both sexes, and if the level of the external communication is low, the child can communicate with relatives. In homosexual marriages the child cannot be often deprived of such a possibility.

In my opinion, homosexual pairs can be trusted bringing up the children especially if it is their own child, such as working only for lesbians. This model will be similar to bringing up the child in a usual family by a mother and a grandmother and the child will constantly contact with other relatives, grandmothers, grandfathers, who help with the process of the education and the formation of the model of behavior. Also a special program and the textbook of methodic, made by the experts in the field of pedagogy and psychology will help the unisex pair to bring up the child correctly.

I also think that the possibility of the unisex pairs to adopt children from the orphanage should be allowed. The life did not indulge these children, and often those who are grown in the orphanage suffer from depressions, low level of socialization, and mental disorders. So, bringing up in a unisex pair can solve the difficult situation of the child and present him/her a good supportive family, similar to the traditional one.

Love is not present in the civil code. The purpose of the institute of marriage is to strengthen the union of two spouses and to determine their duties by the relation to each other. Love passes, but the duties remain. In order to avoid them, many young people prefer “disposable unions” to marriages.

Homosexual unions are very constant. In 2010, the US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study revealed that 40 % of lesbian pairs, who made an artificial insemination, remained their relations within a long period of time.

I think it is high time for all the countries of the world to make a sexual revolution. Today, each time “when the sexual rights test shattering attacks,one see that the law is held on the same place by the people professing discrimination, disguised under religious freedom. Their purpose is to depersonalize people’s sexuality and to reduce everything to that sex was used only for the preservation of the mankind. For this purpose, they criminalizes people’s sexual life”?

Thus, I consider that all citizens of non-traditional sexual orientation should have the same rights as the main population of the country, namely the right to life, property, freedom of speech, education, nationality, work, peaceful assemblies and associations, rest and leisure, and so on. All the rights which protect them are equivalent with other people. Also all people have the right to marry a person and to create a family. All these rights belong to the mankind, and are included into the international and local laws. They form a basis of laws of all countries. However, I think, I gave enough reasons to allow legalization of homosexual marriages.

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