Have you ever been accused of a crime that you didn’t commit? Well, for Stanley Yelnats, this was the cause of all his problems in the realistic fiction novel, Holes, by Louis Sachar. Sachar tells a story about Stanley, whom stumbles upon trouble one day. Next thing he knows, he is in a courthouse pleading his innocence. No one believes him and he is faced with the choice to spend part of his life in jail, or be sent to Camp Green Lake, which is what he chooses. Everyday, the boys go outside and dig a hole, five feet wide and five feet deep. The owner of the camp, the Warden, and her employees, Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski, all believe that this builds character. But is this what the warden is really shooting for, or is she trying to find something? At the camp, Stanley builds a strong relationship with Zero. They both escape Camp Green Lake and go on a death-defying journey that comes to an ending that you won’t even expect.

One thing that Louis Sachar did that I liked in the book was he wrote short chapters so I didn’t get bored of reading the same thing. As soon as the chapter ended a new exciting event was happening. I really enjoyed reading this book because there weren’t many boring moments, it kept me reading and it was very descriptive. The story was also unique because I had never read anything like it before, it was interesting, and also one of my favorite books. I recommend this book for nine year olds and up because I think it is appropriate for younger people to read. Holes was a very well written book and I enjoyed every page of it.

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