History of Rock and Roll

San Jose’s The Honey Wilders, a well-known rock and roll group has recently given the performance at the Old Wagon Saloon. The band has made a splash among visitors on the local music scene.

The Honey Wilders band consists of seven members. Phil “Honey” Ayer plays on vocals and harmonica, Marshall “Wilder” Brengle is a professional guitar player, Jeff “Fozzie” Fitzgerald also demonstrates amazing guitar skills, Aaron “Papa” Madsen plays lead guitar, Loren “Bunny” Rendler – drums, Ryan “Thunder” Barry – bass guitar, and Erik “Ian” Johnsgard – keyboard. Their debut album “Singles for Singles” was released in February 2012, so at the concert they played few songs from the album. Their last records were influenced by different classic bands: Cheap Trick, Mott the Hoople, The Faces, and Led Zeppelin.

During the concert all The Honey Wilders’ musicians were extremely positive and enthusiastic; lead vocalist Phil Ayer seemed to grab audience’s attention from the very beginning of the concert. The Honey Wilders served up enthusiastic, energetic, good old rock and roll that got the fans’ feet stomping. It was unforgettable live music show and one of the best I have ever experienced. Their dynamic live performance and bright songs have satisfied music lovers of every age who were present at the party. Their concert was a kind of all rock styles jam – from blues to rock and power pop.

I have heard few of The Honey Wilders’ songs from their last album before attending the performance, so I expected the show to be vivid but not so exciting. I was impressed by the songwriting and above all, the band’s energy. The band managed to add huge depth to an old good rock and roll and used a modern sounding. All the songs had that instantly recognizable guitar reefs. The concert was an enjoyable fun.

The Honey Wilders songs are truly a feast for the ears—everything you love about rock and roll, and nothing you don’t. The song “Summer time in the Suburbs” has a catchy tune and nice lyrics about an adventure in the suburb and love affair with a gorgeous girl. The electric guitar and the drums enrich the song with rhythm which makes you move and dance. The mood of the music in the song is very exciting tinned with romantic and at the same time adventurous moments, which is expressed through the music and through the lyrics. Another song “Hey Hey” stimulates you to act, and to do some changes in your life. It fills you with optimism and energy. Like a previous song it is written in typical rock and roll style. The song is the blend of the guitar power with energetic, unpredictable and fun songwriting. Both of these songs are full of force of rock music.

My favorite song is “Life in Stereo”. It was amazing to listen to it at the concert. I have heard it before but when I have experienced it live it was something extremely different and wonderful. This song used to be the radio gold that is why people went wild when they heard it.

During the concert the musicians interacted with the audience a lot, so all the fans felt like a part of the band. The diverse of three guitars, drums, and a lead vocalist who played the harmonica, keyboards, and bass covered music from blues to pop and even anthems.

I enjoyed the performance a lot. I am looking forward to visit some of The Honey Wilders concert again and I am sure their music will become more and more popular every day.