Historical Issues

Meme can be defined as information duplicated from person to person or generation to generation by imitation. We have imitated behaviors from our parents and those who were born before us. We are who we are because of the characters we acquire from those who surround us. We imitate doing right or wrong depending on what our priorities are. Some people imitate those actions that are helpful to their positive growth and development. Others get enticed by wrong characters and hence imitate their actions. Humans have a bigger brain capacity compared to animals and that’s why their memes are unique, creative and helpful. In addition, these memes encourage positive change through evolution. Memes have enabled humans to think wide and come up with innovations that are beneficial to them.

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Culture plays a significant role in human growth and development. It has been facilitated by the learning process that human beings have gone through since the beginning of life. According to Blackmore, the human race is shaped by both culture and memes and not gene mutation as earlier believed. She defines culture as a collection of memes distinct to a given people. According to her, memes and genes are closely related. This is because they can be transformed, replicated and even changed. In addition, both memes and genes are based on survival for fittest model i.e. only those proved to be strong and imitated by many passes to the next generation while others vanish in thin air.

American history has shown that its ancestors may have come from Northeast Asia and Mexico. Their similarity may have been contributed by evolution, although, substantial evidence has shown a lot of similarity between the Ancient Americans and the northeast Asian skulls. Items used by the ancient population such as spears, arrows and bows have been found in parts of S. America. According to evidence derived from a number of sites, humans are predicted to have arrived in America at least 15,000 years ago. Evidence has also shown differing skull sizes between the Palaeoamericans and Amerinidians. This depicts their originality must have been different.

The scientific evidence available does not give a good prediction to who the first Americans truly were. One theory concludes that Native Americans were the first while another points at northeast Asians as being the first to arrive. One thing that is similar with both groups is the fact that they all engaged in hunting and exploitation of plants as their main ways of searching for food. Theories on who arrived first in America are many and they all seem to differ with only few similarities. This makes it hard for us to establish the migration history of the Americans. No evidential conclusion can be drawn as to which group lead the other during their migration process.

History is an important subject in the curriculum. It’s from the past that we understand about man’s mistakes and therefore learn from them. Most of us at one time aspire to be like someone who existed before. Their trait and character inspire us to work hard in what we do so that one day we may achieve like them. Theatre history is still beneficial to our existence. An example is the literature work of Shakespeare. His books are still essential to our lives. Through history we learn about our culture, population and how we came to be. We understand the stages that human race has gone through in its evolution and development. This way, we learn to appreciate nature, our culture and the different races we have in the world.

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