Historical Events

“Space traders” is a fiction short story by Derrick Bell who is a science fiction fan and a constitutional law professor. This story is a thought of experiment of what space traders from another comes and offers to buy all the black people in America. It tells us what the space traders are offering to the Americans in exchange of all the black citizens of America. They come offering chemicals for cleaning the polluted air, machines that can produce cheap and clean power, and enough gold to settle America debts and make America a rich nation. The blacks in America are not for the deal, and they resist it.

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Discrimination of blacks in the United States is evident when the visitors comes to America and demands them as an exchange. The argument by the leaders including the president to sacrifice the blacks in a political give and take shows racial discrimination in America. Like all the people in the military, it is a must for everyone to join the military. It is the role of all the citizens in the states to make a sacrifice for the nation for their own right. The blacks were not exception to the basis obligation of being a citizen. Exchanging the blacks with the offer from the space traders shows that blacks’ discrimination in America as there is a violation of their rights as citizens by the nation. The discrimination of the black is immoral and unconstitutional and will not be accepted by the black people. There is no discrimination of the white as no one offers an option that the deal to include the whites in the country.

The blacks in America regarded as people with no credibility in the country. The whites in the country were discounting statements made by the blacks unconfirmed by other whites. The white see the black as people of silly superstitions as they laugh at the blacks. They think the space traders will change the nation, while black fear what the space traders are bringing to the nation. The white regard the blacks as being primitive full of fear and foolishness. The whites regard the blacks’ outrage as usual with no credibility. Blacks’ viewed as incredible makes them useless in the society. This is because their views are not taken into consideration in the country.

There is evidence of greed in the America society as all they want is to be rich regardless of what it takes by sacrificing the blacks in the nation. The white want their country to be rich because the country has been experiencing decades of laissez-faire capitalism that has made empty the coffers of rich people. The say the nation they have funded construction of the country after the world wars. And now the country is struggling like any third world country in the world with massive debt. The whites want to sacrifice the blacks so that they can be rich again. They believe the space traders are there in time without see the consequences of them in America that will lead to black people right violation. The whites always look down upon the blacks in the society they want to be rich on their own without considering the black. This shows greed in resources irrespective of other people.

Injustices, for the black people in the country, where by the attorney general says they can amend the constitution so that the blacks can be sacrificed. The attorney general is violating the right of justice for the citizens when he says he does not see any constitutional problem even if there will be debate in congress. He assumes that if the mail the congress has is the same like theirs there will be no pressure of passing this. The courts in America hold that the statute with powers to exact forced military duty anywhere by the citizens of America. People in power will do anything to see their way out. Amending of the law in the society so as to favor them so that they get what they want at the end.

Regarding of black as poor people in the America society who over burden the country economy. The whites view the blacks as poor who cannot live by themselves. The secretary of human health and services says that a big percentage of black people depend on welfare and social serves provided to them. The secretary sees that if the black people taken away there will be ease on the country burden, and reduction in the budget of the country. The cost of caring victim of aids among the black people is extraordinary. Some white perceive that if the black taken away the country will suffer from psychological toll, with an increase in cost of medical services and other cost experienced by the citizens of the country in united states. In times of crises, the whites become inconsiderable to the extent of thinking the black in the society are over-burdening them.

Also, another social relation in the country is inequality between blacks and the white in the country. The whites make the black like they have no right of lining in America. To show inequality the attorney also wants to alter or amend the constitution so that it favors the whites and the blacks taken away by the space traders. The white do not view the argument of the black as considerable they think the blacks have no right in their country. They end up voting for the blacks out of their country in 15th January.

There is a lack of patriotism in the society of America this is because; all that the whites think is sacrificing the blacks. No white person thinks of protecting the blacks so that the blacks not taken away the space traders. In all meetings, it shows the country leadership is all about selfishness and inconsiderable to its citizen. This proves who unpatriotic the leaders are to its citizens. All the leaders present except Golightly who advocates for the right and justice of the black people.

The community lives in fear as big business are in fear their business will collapse. This is because of reduction in number of customers if the blacks taken by space traders in 4th January. They fear that if the blacks go away the white people will rise and see who their enemies are in the country. Also, fear is there when the media say they cannot change the country view in a week time, and it will take a decade. The blacks were major buyers of goods manufactured in the country thus the profits of many businesses will go down.

Government official wants to base sacrificing of blacks to slavery in the past. At the past, the sacrifice of blacks’ rights was necessary to accomplish government purposes. The slavery led to civil war in the country, this stop of slavery led to the formation of the new government. Sacrificing the black may make America a war country again as war may emerge again. This will make the country an awful place and dangerous to live in. slavery violates the human rights of black citizens thus leading to inequity among the country people.

The government announced a new deal with the space traders after a negotiation to amend the offer by excluding from the trade all black people who were seventy years and above, blacks who are handicapped, ill or have an injury. Also, thousands of blacks who were eligible with their immediate families will be left behind as trustee of black property and possession. This is in case the blacks will return back to their country. This was to be amended by a referendum, and as expected the blacks lose as they are the minority. These shows right of blacks violation as they are sacrificed instead of choosing the other citizen with fairness.

There are many differences between the white and blacks in the America society. The whites want to be superior to the blacks and want their way out. These social issues like racism, injustice, fear, and selfishness should be address to ensure people in the society live like one family in regarded less of race a person comes from in society. Leaders ought to protect the rights of their citizens without nay favor in the country.

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