Over the period of 1880-1910, higher education in the United States has overcome many changes and difficulties in order to establish university building. During this time, philanthropic corporations made an effort to become wealthy donors, who invested money into new buildings, departments, and professional schools. Though, it is worth mentioning that they gave money to the higher educational institutions only under certain conditions, thus having more power than scholars. They demanded to create certain curricular. For example, in 1892 the National Education Association`s Committee of Ten standardized secondary curricular requirements for admission to college and university. The government and university leaders were not able to control the situation, and it was a kind of danger, because higher education was not managed by professionals (Thelin, 2011). The main source of changes was money. Wealthy people were ruling the situation. The reason for that was a rapid economic, political and cultural development of the country. The Association of American Universities, which was founded in 1900, is providing national higher education programs, academic research, professional education and scholarship today as well as before.

Many young people entered colleges, because they wanted to improve their social status. After graduating, they could have better work and improve their economic position. It was the time of great changes in economy. Many businesses needed highly educated professionals in agriculture, economics, mechanical arts and other professions. Higher education helped improve people`s equality and freedom. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree was popular and fashionable for people from different social classes. American higher education at the end of the nineteenth century was developed under the influence of the Industrial Revolution. A rapid growth in economy, politics and culture was beneficial for the development of higher education in the USA. New corporations and industries needed highly professional specialists. To be “a college man” or “a college woman” meant to be the best fellows in the world. It has become prestigious to get degrees in American colleges and universities. Today, to be an educated and intelligent person means to be a successful one.

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