Help document

So we have all either, a) know someone who is depressed, b) seen someone depressed, or c) are depressed. Why are they or you depressed? Maybe something sad happened recently, like a family member passing away or moving into a new place where you’re being picked on or something. I have seen this plenty of times in my own experience. I am not a doctor or a person with a degree from Harvard, and I don’t think I can help with clinically depressed people, but I do like to help others and I hope in some way I can help you.

What I find being the main reason for acting depressed is your attitude on life. I’m sure you’ve all heard of, “the cup isn’t half empty, it’s half full”, this is to represent your outlook on life right now. If you look at the cup and say its half empty, then you’re looking at life the wrong way. Its like looking at a the Mona Lisa, no one thought it was the best painting ever when they looked at the back of the painting.

Understand me now? Now try going one day with a better outlook on life. Look at the cup as half full. Say you have to go to sports practice. Instead of going on through the day being depressed saying, “I don’t want to go to practice,” try looking at it in a different way. You go to practice to be better, get stronger. So look at it differently. Someone with a better outlook on life will say, “Sweet, I’m going to practice.” They are excited for practice, making their day more enjoyable to themselves and to others.

In the end…I truly believe it comes down to attitude. Whatever attitude you have during the day, whether it’s the worst/best day possible, your attitude will decide whether you enjoy the day, or go along sulking. Try this out. I’m not a doctor or a psychologist, but I am someone who wants to try to help you.

(Thought for the day: “the cup’s not half empty, it’s half full”)

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