I encourage anybody who is a fan of Nirvana, Rock Music, or a music lover to read this book. Charles R. Cross did a fantastic job writing this book. This book if you have not read the title of this review is about the Kurt Cobain the Lead Singer/Guitar for the band Nirvana. Nirvana created the grunge movement in Seattle, Washington in the early 1990’s. Kurt Cobain was like the John Lennon of the 90’she defined a generation and created a new type of music known today as Grunge or Alternative Rock. This book is the definitive biography of Kurt Cobain. The Book spans from his birth, to his hard childhood, his parents divorce, his adolescents, his band Nirvana, his drug abuse, to his marriage with Courtney Love, his daughter Frances Bean Cobain, to his suicide attempts, to his fame with Nirvana, to his big success, to his Suicide in 1994. This book tells it all but it does have its loose ends. Charles R. Cross never interviewed or met Cobain some of this is just his analysis of some things like his drug use and his death. Some think that this book is not true because he got a lot of information from Courtney Love but I assure that this book is very true. He also interviewed many family members other than Love so it’s very true. But the last chapter where he tells how Cobain died we can never know because no one was there when he killed himself so that is just his prediction of what might have happened. Other than that this book is very good and is a great read for any fan.

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