Children’s Mercy Hospital is a hospital in Kansas City. During the initial stages of the development, the hospital experienced various challenges such as financial constraints and low nursing workforce. The hospital is headed by leaders who have great vision that seemed impossible to achieve for the hospital. The phrase ‘We become what we think about’, echoed by a radio commentator in early 1950s, had been referred by the vice president of the hospital when she recognized the many changes experienced at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The leaders had a big dream for the hospital; they saw the hospital becoming the best children’s hospital in the world. The size or the humble beginning of the hospital did not become a stumbling block to the achievement of this vision.

Dr. O’Donnell, the CEO of the hospital, played a critical role in the determination of the great future of the hospital. He made the following statement “We will be the best children’s hospital in the world”. The statement has seen the hospital scale great heights in development. The hospital has become the best children’s hospital in the world. The word of mouth has the power in determination of how far one achieves his goals in life. The success of the hospital can be greatly accredited to the language that was used to drive the vision. The hospital also was recognized for its role in the society and welfare of its employees.

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There are many lessons that I have learnt from Children’s Mercy Hospital. Language plays a critical role in the determination of success in any activity that one undertakes. Positive language encourages and helps an individual to remain in the course of the activity. Another lesson that can be learnt is that the leader plays a critical role in carrying the vision of any institution. There is always a beginning of great things in life. The small beginning should not deter anyone in pursuing ones dream.

My ambition in life is to become a great business man. The language that I will use to state the vision of the company and to motivate my employees will be critical in the determination of the success of the company. It should be positive and encouraging. The recognition of my employees for their workforce contributes significantly to the company development.

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