Have You Ever Felt Lost

Have you ever felt lost ? The type of lost where you don’t know where to go or where to scream for help? Well if you don’t lucky for you, but I do and this problem occurs every single day. My parents say it is “a teenage stage” but I don’t believe it. In my opinion I think that they aren’t seeing what is occurring in my life, they don’t understand it, they don’t visualize it, I think they don’t even think about it when I am fighting with them. I want them to just understand that this is int a teenage stage or a path that will easily be gone. I want them to Think that this is my life and eventhough it can be a describe as a ‘difficult path’ that could be gone in 3 or 4 years , is happening right now and is affecting My Life.
The only thing they are thinking is, “I speak the truth and since you still live in my roof you will continue obeying my rules!” I hate that phrase , it’s just the kind of phrases that in between the lines is saying , “I’m better than you”, and even though it can be truth in some way I don’t believe it entirely. I am living my 13 years of life right now , and neither of my parents had ever asked me how I feel living it or what things would I like to change during this stage of life. In a perspective if you see my life you will see it this way. Tennis, moving to another school, and the best of all my best friends moving to another country, did I tell you that I play 4 hours of tennis a day. My problem is not tennis, thank God I have tennis. Tennis is my freedom, my way of escaping, my hope my love.., in tennis their is all my life and dreams. Neither is moving to another school. Since I was little I have always had a big personality I don’t let others influence my way of acting or thinking, but one of my major problems is my best friend. My best friend Maria and I have been friends since 3rd grade I love her more than a sister, if I can give my entire life to someone I can assure you, it will be her; I don’t need to think it twice. But apart from my personal life the worst of all is that I feel that my parents don’t understand what I am passing through. It is difficult to work on your dream but at the same time want to get A on every single test or quiz, and the surrounding memories of knowing that in 1 month your soul mate will leaving the country, its not easy. Even though you can read this entry and “try” to understand it the difficult part is to live it and do everything perfect. I just need someone how can really understand me and help me throughout my situation. I just need them to be compassionate with me. I want them to understand that every time that I am doing my homework and they are asking me at the very right moment to do them a favor and I scream to them ,and drop tears inside my heart. I want them to understand that am not angry because they are asking me for a favor , I am just angry because I have millions of stuff to do and I myself cant sometimes hang it. I just need them to stop for a moment and see everything surrounding them and before giving me a humongous, “boche” , think in my shoes and act based on my worries and thoughts that I have. I feel lost and I need a guide that trails me during this so called, ‘stage’.

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