Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet is based on a boy named brian whose parents have divorced. During the summer time he had to go over and visit his dad and during school time he had to live his mom. It is really interesting. It was so descriptive in what the guy was going through. Before he left his mother handed him a hatchet. He had to sit on the copilot seat because the airplane is a one engine plane. The pilot let Brian get on the wheel he said “it just takes learning like everything else like everything else” (Paulson 8). On the way there, the pilot suddenly had pains on his left shoulder. He was having a heart attack. Brian stopped he stopped inside of him was stopped the very core of him was stopped. He didn’t know what to do so he had to land near a lake “ he had to keep hoping he had to keep hoping”(Paulson 24). when he landed he was to worried on his 1st night in the woods. He made a shelter near the water. One his first morning there He was struggling in order to survive. He knew If he wanted to live he had to eat.He went ahead in search of berries. On his 4th night he then found a way to make fire with the hatchet, that his mom gave him and stone that he found. He was happy that he had finally had a fire. I like how the character finds a way to survive and not think about the negative. On that night a snapping turtle perhaps laid eggs and all he thought of was food. He ate the egg, and his body seemed to want to convulse the egg but on his third egg he had no trouble he ate about six of them. I can connect with the book because I didn’t know if i could get use to Arlington collegiate until i met new people and adapted to everyone. When morning came He saw his reflection in the water and saw a change a mature change. On his 4th week a night a heavy gust a heavy wind he felt it was a tornado. All of his tools were out of sight gone, gone forever. Brian was sad but remembered that there was an emergency bag in the plane but failed many times getting it. Until he hit the end of the plane tail with his hatchet that opened a hole. The hole was the size of his hand but his hatchet falls into the lake. He went for it until he got it. When he got into the plane he found a survival bag his heart leaped of joy. He got the bag out it had a bunch of goodies he felt as if it was Christmas. When he saw the food he thought to himself “with this food I can live forever”. He was so grateful. He was going to make himself a feast. With the smell of food, he thought of his mother cooking and his mind on food. The plane appeared it was a tiny drone sound it was a bush plane. But everything was so fast he was in shock. But he wasn’t sure it was over. Until he was rescued. Know whenever he goes into a grocery store he would stare at the food and be grateful. I recommend this book to the people who like fiction stories, but sound non fiction.

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