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The book Happy Happy Happy was written by Phil Robertson. Mr. Robertson is a star on the Television show Duck Dynasty and he is also the author of Duck Commander Family and Si-Cology. Besides being an author Mr. Robertson builds and sells duck calls. He started the famous duck call company Duck Commander. Robertson first got the nickname Duck Commander when he was hunting ducks with his friends. He pulled one of the duck calls that he had built out of his pocket and started using it. His friend John said that he was like a “duck commander”.


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This book takes place in Michigan and Shreveport, Louisiana. This book is an auto biography and is in the present time. The main characters are Phil Robertson and Kay Robertson. Some minor characters are Willie Robertson, Si Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep Robertson and Phil’s grandparents. When Phil was a boy his family wasn’t the wealthiest. They just had enough money to get by. He had 4 siblings. When it was cold they had to use a small fire stove in the middle of his house to try to get warm. While Phil was young he had to work to try to help his family get money. He planted crops, caught fish and hunted to help his family.

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Kay and Phil got married when they were 16. After they got married they were poor. Phil had to travel around to earn some money. While they were in search of work Kay got pregnant with their first son Jase and at the same time Phil got introduced to alcohol. He found work on an offshore drilling crew. That job didn’t last long because he was always under the influence. After a while of finding and losing jobs he finally found a job that worked. That job was being a bartender. That job lasted about 5 years until Kay walked in one night and people started talking bad about her. Then Phil got into a fight and really hurt the guy bad and then the man wanted to press charges so they issued a warrant for his arrest. They eventually caught him and they all went back to Louisiana. Once in Louisiana Phil got introduced to the Lord. Now Phil is a preacher at a church in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The theme in Happy Happy Happy is to trust in God no matter what happens. The tone of this book is smart, dangerous, and wild. Most of the time people aren’t emotional but there are some heart tugging parts. Phil wanted to get off his alcohol addiction but he couldn’t until he found out about the Lord.

Phil likes to hunt, fish, and fighting beavers that are messing up his duck hunting land. Most of his life was spent in the woods. This is a really good book. It is actually one of my favorites.

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