Guys Write For Guys Read

Guys write for guys read is a mixture of both fun and when it comes to being a guy, how to be a guy. The author Jon Sciezka writes about authors and their experience as amateur young men. There are aouthors you have never heard of such as Jack Gantos. Or other more, noticeable authors like Eoin Colfer. And if you don’t know who he is he’s the author of the award winning series Artemis Fowl.
Here’s a little paragraph from the follower by Jack Gantos.
“But within a week I was Frankie’s man, which was pretty scary because he was Gary’s man, which made me low man on the totem pole—or pine tree. The first time Gary launched me, I hit a car. It was an old Mercury Cougar parked in their backyard. It didn’t have any wheels and sat on its belly like a cat crouching to catch a bird. I hit the roof, which was like a steel trampoline. It dented down and popped up and I went springing off the top. As I was in the air, I kept thinking, When you hit the ground, roll and tumble and it won’t hurt so much. This is what I had learned from watching Roller Derby on TV. “
“It was my favorite show and very violent, but the players always avoided massive debilitating and life-threatening injuries as long as they rolled and tumbled across the wooden track or over the rails and into the rows of metal folding chairs. So, as I flew through the air, I stared at the grassy yard and planned my clever descent. I hit the ground with my outstretched arms and, instead of bouncing as if my hands were shock absorbers, I collapsed into the ground like a piece of space junk.”
Jack learns his lesson the hard way. By dislocating his arm three fingers and bruising his face. But he didn’t learn it till much later.
So if you like to learn about the secret life of authors then go get yourself a copy of Guys Write For Guys Read.