Gun Control

How do you feel about people getting shot everyday with guns that are illegal or should be illegal? People are getting robbed because there getting threatened with a gun to their head. People are committing suicide with guns that they shouldn’t have. Gang members are killing and robbing people with guns they shouldn’t have. Nobody is doing anything about it. There needs to be stricter laws on who owns a gun and who doesn’t.

The United States has had many problems with school shootings across the country. One of the most remembered school shooting was Sandy Hook. All across the US people were shocked of what happened to small Sandy Hook Elementary School. On December 14, 2012, 20 year old, Adam Lanza killed 20 students and 6 staff members trying to protect their students. The gun he was using was an AR-15 rifle. Carlee Soto was known as one of the heroes of the day. She was just 27 and she took her life protecting her class. Adam Lanza got access to this gun as long as he had the money. The Us needs to put laws that you can’t just have a gun because you have the money. If these laws were laws than those 26 people would still be alive. If we can put stricter laws on who owns a gun than we wont have as many innocent kids getting shot.

People commit suicide almost everyday. Its not always with a gun, but if a child has a gun it’s more likely for them to take their life with it. A Harvard study proved that more guns equal more suicide. If we put stricter laws on gun ownership then we wouldn’t have as many suicides. If we don’t have as many suicides, these kids can live their life and get help.

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Burglaries happen everyday, whether it is at a bank, convenience store, or any small business or store. People who work or own these stores are losing their yearly salary because someone is threatening them with a gun to their head. If these gun rules were changed we wouldn’t have as many robberies throughout the United States. We need to change the gun laws so people can’t just walk into a sTore and steal someone’s hard earned money.

There should be stricter laws on who owns a gun and who doesn’t. Well, some people might say that people need guns to protect themselves and their family. Others say that they need guns because it’s their right to have a gun so they can protect themselves. Just a few months ago there was debate whether Americans need guns. 57% of the Americans said yes they do and 43% said no. Most of the people who said yes were talking about protection. Well, this is true that people need to protect themselves but if we didn’t have guns then we wouldn’t have School Shootings, less Suicide, and less Burglaries. If we didn’t have those things the United States would be a safer and better place.

Putting stricter laws on guns will not keep everyone from following them. Gang members, suiciders, and burglars are still going to get their hands on guns. People just need to be more careful in how they use their guns. Yes, there are situations where people need guns. But those situations are rare. Be careful with guns or one day could end up behind bars or dead. If be people are more careful and smart in how theyuse guns it will make the United States a safer place.

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