Greek temples of the ancient period are the oldest historic places on the globe. The list of the Greek’s architecture is endless. Nobody can find better example of the ancient culture and architecture as Greek temples. Moreover, lots of them continue to exist till nowadays. By around 6th century BC the temples were made of stone and marble structures. One of the best examples is the Parthenon built in the 5th century BC.

The Parthenon was built at the instigation of Pericles. It was situated in the Acropolis of Athens to pray Athena who was the city’s goddess. The building was called the Temple of Athena the Virgin. Greeks used to build temples to honor their gods. It was not a place of worship. Only several people could come inside to bring gifts. Mostly, temples were built to be admired from outside.

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In the center of the temple, there was a statue of goddess. The Parthenon combined Greek tradition of the megaron house (houses built for living in Greece) with the Egyptian temple. They created an elegant and simple structure. This temple was not built according to Greek methods. The Romans used the arch in their building. The Parthenon has a lot free space while Greeks build temples stuffed with columns.

The building is a Doric temple. It has a rectangular floor, Doric columns, interior rooms and the naos (shrine). The metopes (architectural elements used for decoration) present various fights between the chaos and justice. The meteope on the west side shows the mythological struggle against the Amazonomachy (Amazons). The Parthenon frieze has the only subject. They are placed on four sides of the temple. They depict the demonstration of a horseman, sacrificial animals and other sacrament functions.

Athenians devoted a lot of attention to each detail during the building of the Parthenon. The impressive thing about it is that they managed to finish building only in ten years. It shows their enormous sophistication according to those times.

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