Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks

Dear Beatrice Sparks,
Certain books challenge your brain, others touch your heart, but your book, “Go Ask Alice” that you edited did both.

Through out this book I was clenching my fists in anger at her choices she was making, at the “friends” and people that she was bonding with. I also was angered at her parents stupidity and ignorance at not knowing that she is changing in such a horrific way. That she’s making these horrible decisions and she is ruining her life. This book had me turning pages like crazy. I couldn’t get enough of it. While this book was climaxing I was in fear that she was was going to become severely hurt and maybe suffer from brain damage. I was starting to become sad and frightened. This book gave me an experience like no other. I was in her world from the first word I had read to the last. Her life changing experiences impacted me so dearly it was insane. I realized that she is not the only one who has, or is going through these tragic events. Our society is becoming more, and more like this every day. All of the deaths because of drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning, and suicide. These insidious words on the pages, was having me think rapidly. I hope that this book will set an example of what not to do, to show teenagers; people that you can go insane. I mean just imagine, worms crawling under your skin where you can’t reach them. Having your eye sockets being eaten out. The things that your brain can do to you is terrifyingly frighting; but only you can put it upon yourself. In the end, it can end up to death.

I desperately hope and pray that after you have read this spectacular book that your decisions and thoughts have changed about deciding to try drugs, alcohol, and smoking. That you will go down the right path and not end up like the girl in this book
“Go Ask Alice”.