Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (Beatrice Sparks)

Go Ask Alice. Ask her what, exactly? Why is the author “Anonymous”?

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Plot Summary:
Is this tale the kind not to put a name to? Why has the author kept a large majority of the setting confidential? What is this girl “Alice’s” story? You will not know unless you read more than this title. This young adult (teenager) is not the most popular girl in school. Who is? But, when she gets the news that her father is getting a new job at a college, this really hits her hard. A new start? New classes? Will the teachers be bearable or boring? How will other people treat her? This girl with many hopes is in dire need for a friend. Weeks pass, and she finally meets a girl by the name of Jill. Jill is quiet, nice and will agree to many things. In July, Alice decides to hang out at Jill’s house. This visit changes the way she thinks and feels, and this “trip” may take a turn for the worst. We all know that the new girl with many hopes and dreams is still in there. But, the real question now is, can she get out this far in? There’s only one way to find out: Go Ask Alice.

Successes/Failures Of This Book:

What did I like about this book? It’s not very much about what I “liked”, but the “story” behind all of it. The way that it was told really got me. Diary entries. It showed Alice’s thoughts, feeling and courses of action. It gave you a certain feel as to who Alice really was through her struggle. The only downside to this way of telling her story is that it glossed over other characters’ backgrounds, only giving a small amount of information. But, this in no way tarnished the lasting value to me. Her normality in the beginning, helplessness in the blink of an eye, and her action in the end. It was completely unexpected and made me feel as if there were no words to display my shock. I will always remember “Go Ask Alice” because of how one little tip of a glass imprinted upon a normal, healthy girl so drastically. My mother read this book when she was my age, and people that read this book back then were just as affected by it as I am now. In ten to twenty years, anyone would be quick to read this title and experience the way that changes many lives and outlooks everyday.


Who would like this book? Anyone looking for a true, intense tale with events that some could only imagine. Anyone who can deal with the essence of ones internal terror and helpless addiction that made a young mind altered to weave through an unadvisable path. If you are able to read books like “Girl” by Blake Nelson, “My Brothers Keeper” by Patricia McCormick and “The Torn Shirt” by Rebecca Godfrey, you will enjoy/understand/have a strong surge of sympathy towards this book “Go Ask Alice” by an Anonymous author (now known as Beatrice Sparks).

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