“Suddenly I began to feel something strange..” She started to feel it, that’s when her path changed and twisted into something else, nothing expected. The anonymous girl had an innocent life of knowing what she wanted. At first she thought they were trying to poison her, til someone told just to “relax”. A day after a girl named Jill told her that a few sodas that were laced with LSD. Then her whole world changed, into something she would never expect.

The anonymous girl was 15 years old, she develops a bad drug habit.

In the book I never really understood what she wanted, but she was innocent but she was happy when her parents told her they were moving away. She wanted to start a new life and forget the old emotions, such as loneliness and depression. The drug habit started when she was at a party, her drink was laced with LSD, few months passed it grew into pot, and then she tried heroin but didn’t like it.

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Go ask alice is about a girl who loses her innocence, shifts on to the streets. She moves to a new neighborhood. Meets new friends and her mind changes, everything twists. Events happen, a few people hurted her, she went to an asylum, met people but she was afraid of few people. She met someone named babie, while she was the asylum. Babie was a first class BP meaning baby prostitute. The anonymous girl and babie were so close while she was at the asylum.

This book has a sensitive topic where it could hurt someone who has drugs issues and/were rape victims, and can trigger anyone who has suicide problems. Go ask Alice aims at telling problems of a drug user with mental illnesses and understanding that not all drugs users want to use drugs. They try to escape but they can’t and it haunts them. So, this book aims at people who stereotype drug users as “bad” and young adults who don’t really understand what drugs could do.

Overall, Go Ask Alice is a book of mystery. It’s even more mysterious that the girl is anonymous. It was nothing like she wanted, twisted into the wrong path. It took place at a party, she liked the LSD in the soft drink, then it went far worse consuming her taking new drugs. It was a ride of her life til she met her maker.

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