Global Warming

Do you ever wonder why it is getting hot all of a sudden? Or where the smoke from your car goes to? I can tell you one thing the cars smoke goes into the air we breathe as pollution. The rest of the smoke that we don’t breathe goes into the atmosphere. That is why I believe global warming is harmful to our environment because it is decimating our plant and animal population, melting our icecaps, which provokes a rise in sea level, and causing other widespread damages; however there are solutions to this world wide problem.
The main cause of global warming is the human population.
There are many scientific reasons for global warming but first I’m going to give you an overview of it.
When the human population became urbanized and started to build factories and when the owners needed a place to put them so they cut trees and other natural plant life. They build the factories and once the factory is up and running they started to give off a lot of carbon dioxide, CO2.
Now for the scientific version of the story.
Plants produce oxygen by absorbing CO2. This process is called photosynthesis. Humans do a similar process but it’s called cellular respiration. Instead of producing oxygen we produce CO2 and absorb oxygen. These two cycles are never ending, humans need plants to survive and plants need humans to survive.
When the human population started to ruin this cycle by destroying plant life CO2 concentration went up. The greenhouse effect causes gases to stay in the troposphere and heat up the Earth.
This is why the global warming is happening.

The harm is that icecaps and icebergs are melting. Icebergs have a very big concentration of fresh water and when they melt and mix with the salt water the fresh water is no good. This is bad for us because one of the necessary materials we need to survive is water.

Another harmful effect of global warming is that because of the CO2 the ozone layer is depleting. When the ozone started reducing UV rays started coming in and causing a lot of skin cancer and other UV radiation diseases.

Global warming also causes animal death. Some animals, like owls, live in trees other animals, insects mostly, live on plants, on the roots, on leaves or other parts of a plant. It also affects bigger animals, like panthers, that eat deer, which eat plants. This is called a food chain and when the producer, plants, is not there to give nutrients to other animals everything dies.

There is solution to all of these worldwide problems. One way to fix it is by recycling empty bottles, glass containers, plastic, or paper. This will cause factories to produce less which will make them pollute less or not at all. Another way we can stop pollution is by using hybrid cars. They are energy efficient and the way they are energy efficient is by them running on gasoline and hydrogen fuel. It conserves energy and pollutes less because most of the time it runs on hydrogen with some gasoline.

Do you see the overwhelming effects of global warming? It has a very long cause and effect sequence. When humans started to make factories plant life depleted which in cause caused many years of misfortune. Animals and humans started to decimate because of malnutrition and UV radiation. This was cause by a high concentration of CO2 making a hole in the ozone.
As you can see global warming is still a very big problem that needs to be fixed.