Global Communications is a telecommunications organization that is trying to survive when the industry is waning (University of Phoenix, 2004). In this scenario, they are trying to make decisions to solve the problem of increased competition, globalization, and how to lower their overhead costs. There is a clear gap between where the company is and where they want to be. Their decision making and problem solving processes and practices are not effective and they must learn to overcome their management issues before they can reach their goals.

Part of the issue is that they have not clearly identified what their goals are with the support of key stakeholders. Teamwork was not really a part of their decision making or problem solving process and has affected the acceptance and implementation of their plan. Lack of information was apparent in their plan, and there was no contingency plan before selecting their solution. Global Communications have also not understood or recognized their organizational communication issues. Alternative solutions based on their end state goals of becoming the leading global telecommunications organization by 2010.

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They can accomplish changes in their decision making practices within the next year, and measure progress through a 10% increase in share value, lower operating costs by 15%, and creating a governance plan to assist in problem solving. They can adopt a research and development team to keep up to date with current market intelligence and additional industry information to make better decisions. They can simultaneously create a governance plan and include all key stakeholders to gain buy in and support.

They can also continue on their decision to move to India and will measure this success by accomplishing the move, dealing with employees, shareholders, and consumers with survey’s and opinion polls. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Global Communications did not fully collaborate to create team goals. There were many key stakeholder interests at play including share value, increased competition, moving into a global market, employee benefits, and consumers of their services. Because team goals were not clearly established, decisions were made hastily without enough information, collaboration, and evaluation.

Organizations that implemented work teams as a way to improve products, services, and processes, have witnessed tremendous measurable benefits” (DeJanasz, Dowd, & Schneider, 2001, p. 321). “A group becomes a team when members demonstrate a commitment to each other and to the end goal toward which they are working” (DeJanasz, Dowd, & Schneider, 2001, p. 310). The senior leadership team did not fully engage all the stakeholders in their decision. They did not include them in the creation of the solution and therefore implementation met with conflict.

“Using and effective future-oriented problem solving and solution development approach enable as leader to define the right problem, decide upon a wise solution, and avoid many of the derailers of leadership” (University of Phoenix, 2004, 5). The organization may create a better solution to problems, and create smoother implementation and acceptance. “Engaging others in the process will often lead to a better solution, and engaging stakeholders will lead to a smoother implementation” (University of Phoenix, 2004, 52).

Global Communications did not recognize the characteristics of managerial decision making because they ignored the risk or, degree of uncertainty about the outcome of the decision (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002, 11). The negative risk was not understood or managed. Similarly, they did not understand the conflict that would arise over opposing goals. “One of the most important activities that managers engage in is making decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Most of the time, there is lack of information and a limited amount of time available to make the decision. “

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