Friendship Secrets

Should a friend have secrets to hide? Well, think about it this this way, if the whole secrecy, is your thing. Think about the dishonesty you are showing to your friend. Even if you pinky promise doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t tell some one else. Why say that your doing something when your not? Then lie about it,
when your actually backstabbing a friend. This doesn’t make
since to me, that people say
nice things in front of their friends, when, after when they’re not
around secrets float around and
rumors spread. Yah thats what I call a trustworthy friend.

You would never want this to happen to you , because you
want to everything ,right? I personally would want to know everything, but thats not possible is it,its like saying your best friend, in the world,saying “I really was using you and I never
liked you as a friend.” Like that would ever happen, would it
really happen, of course not!

Lying to a friend makes the secret worse than it is already. By telling a lie, it could lead to another lie, the secret gets worse by every lie you make. But, what if the friend finds out? After breaking a long lying friendship. It was actually your choice, to
break this friendship if you wanted or not. So you could kiss your friend goodbye. Sianara.

You may say ‘my friend’ will never find out.have you ever thought that they could catch you? Like the saying that says,“what goes around comes around” and it will come back to you. Well, I hope your not that kind of friend, because if,
were my friend, I would hate you even if I didn’t want to.
Your friend might never talk to you, but have you ever thought that forgiving a friend takes lots of effort? While getting angry makes them fell good inside, i’m talking from experience people.

Secrets to death can kill you faster. Its a common fact. The cause the murder, will be your friend, not your disease. For example: cheating on a friends, guy. You would be choked to death, because your friend wouldn’t want to hear those
words out of your mouth. You could haunt her, but ghosts can’t
really do harm, because they aren’t solid like us are they?

Yah, with all the ghost a and all the other things I told you.
convinced, that secrets can lead to broken friendships
and maybe even death? Well, if those didn’t convince you this
final one sure will.

You might think that some secrets are meant to be broken.Yes, your right, some secrets are meant to be broken to tell the truth,of course. Like some secrets, that friend might
kill a person, take it seriously. But if you were a trustworthy
friend you would tell an adult. Be responsible before someone
gets hurt. Your friend might not even know what to do, and hurt
you instead. Secrecy can lead to broken friendships, danger,or even your death. Be the trustworthy friend and don’t keep those awful secrets, even rumors, to yourselves.