Look at yourself. It astonishes me that those sparkling hazel gems on your face can’t see what I see. What do I see? I see absolute, pure beauty. A beauty so fine, so definite, that it could make satan himself thank God for his wonderful creation. Just the thought of you sends electric chills up and down my spine. I wish i could escape these wickedly wretched feelings that haunt my being. Why do you stay? Why do you choose to stay in my mind and taunt me with what I have lost? She was once mine. She is not mine anymore I let her slip away; slip away into the arms of someone closer, someone better. Someone she can touch. I constantly dream of her touch. I imagine her delicate little fingers running across my bare skin, trembling, only as if to tell me we will never be ever again. She’s what I see behind the lids of my eyes. The insanity she brings me keeps me sane, at peace, like something I never want to let go of. She is my muse, my inspiration. I am driven everyday by her wondrously impeccable beauty. Her hair falling perfectly around the well-structured features of her glowing porcelain face. Smile so warm, so tender, that just one kiss from those perfectly shapen lips could send me into the deepest state of comatose. I miss her. I cannot have her, yet, I can never let go. I still feel her. I need her, I want her, I cannot live without her! And until my last, shallow, dying breathe, I will love her.

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