Finding Happieness

Today it seems love relationships are idealized once again and along with that the dependence on another for happiness. What ever happened to learning to be at peace with yourself. Even thinking about being alone sends someone into a spiral of madness. Why is this? Media advertises relationships today as the main point or movies, books, and television shows along with the idea that the point of life is to fall in love. Yes, falling in love is a major part of life but is it the only thing that can make you happy? Whatever happened to finding the career of your dreams or making a difference in the world. I for one want to be in love one day but not rely all my happiness in the way someone acts towards me or if they send me a text. So what if your alone on Valentines day or if you don’t always have some man candy on your arm at a party. Make memories that you can hold together and not just ones that you will throw away when the relationship has sizzled out. Be at peace with yourself before you expect to be at peace as two. Famous Play-right and Author William Shakespeare, Henry V. once said “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” For starters do something nice for yourself or just think about everything you have achieved or accomplished this past year. If you didn’t get that new years kiss or one under the mistletoe or even just you feel lonely, think about yourself and all the things you want to try. I`m not saying you always come before everyone else but I’m saying you can expect anyone else to care about you when you can’t love yourself. Step one is to realize how amazing you really are. The next step is to learn how to be by yourself and become happy. You don’t need to depend on others for your happiness because they could take it away anytime they leave. In all quit playing games with your heart and be serious about one thing: finding happiness in everything in life.

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