Financial Management Association

Financial Management Association is a professional organization which consists of students and professionals in the field of finance. The association also registers professionals from other fields such as economics. The main objective of Financial Management Association is to promote both academic and professional excellence in the field of finance. Financial Management Association also has chapters in various universities and colleges across the United States of America and other parts of the world.

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Financial Management Association has a job bank in which it lists various vacancies available in the field of finance for the members. Through the job bank, a database of available jobs as well as resumes of the members is stored for quick access by potential candidates and employers. However, the job bank can be accessed by bona fide or registered members only.

Price Structure for Membership

For membership, Financial Management Association charges one hundred and seventy U.S. dollars for a three-year professional membership and one hundred dollars for a one-year professional membership. Financial Management Association also charges thirty dollars for PhD students who would like to become members of the organization. In addition, Financial Management Association charges seventy dollars for renewal of professional membership and thirty dollars for renewal of membership for PhD students.

Educational Services provided by Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association provides various educational services to its members. For students, the organization also provides opportunities for personal growth and development. For instance, FMA usually conducts the Finance Leaders Conference which is an annual workshop designed specifically for students to enable them acquire leadership skills from other finance executives. Moreover, it also conducts a workshop called Careers in Finance in which students are provided with essential information on what professionals in the field of finance do, the various qualifications required and the skills and abilities needed to become a successful professional in the field. The Financial Management Association also conducts workshops to educate students on other qualifications such as Certified Financial Analysts (CFA) and Certified Management Accountants (CMA) that a very useful for finance professionals. Financial Management Association usually holds its conventions and workshops once every year. The conventions and workshops are usually held in different locations, especially major cities such as Chicago, Shanghai, Napa and Luxembourg.

An example of a past conference is the 2012 FMA Annual Asian Conference that was held in Shanghai and was hosted by Fudan University. The title of the speech of the president of the association during the conference was “The U.S. Economic Activity, Inflation and Financial Market Rates”. The panel topics that were discussed during the conference include government regulation of the financial sector, financial management of financial institutions and pricing of assets amongst others.

Publications of Financial Management Association

Financial Management Association provides two main peer-reviewed scholarly journals to its members, namely the Financial Management and the Journal of Applied Finance. The Financial Management journal usually deals with financial management in companies, financial institutions such as banks, non-financial institutions and public organizations. The journal also reviews issues relating to financial management of non-governmental or not-for-profit organizations. In addition, FMA also publishes the FMA Survey and Synthesis Series which is a collection of books tackling various issues in the field of finance from both academic and professional points of view.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Financial Management Association

Financial Management Association provides scholarships and grants for both PhD and undergraduate students. However, more emphasis is laid on PhD students who are given more grants to conduct research studies in the field of finance.

Codes of Professional Conduct of Financial Management Association

Some of the codes of professional conduct of Financial Management Association are consent of participants in research studies, privacy and avoidance of deception. The consent of participants code of conduct requires that researchers must seek the approval of participants who are involved in research studies where as privacy of participants dictates that confidential information relating to participants in research studies should not be revealed to third parties. Lastly, the avoidance of deception conduct of conduct requires researchers to circumvent misrepresentation of facts during research studies, thus be able to conduct reliable researches.

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