There are some things I need to live: Rain. Chocolate. Gaia. I need Fearless to live.

I own books 1-6 and 15-19 and have read 1-10. They are remarkable, each one more breathtaking than the last. I need the thrill, the suspense, the big-city feel. Let’s face it, I’m a Gaia addict. I love Pascal’s style. She fills my every desire. With her I get romance without a soap opera; the clues without the detective, conspiracy without a James Bond feeling; courtroom drama without all the legal terms.

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New York – what a perfect setting. The parks, the people, the culture, the opportunities. And someone who needs to get their butt kicked around every corner. The characters are a colorful bunch.

Gaia: She is fearless, period. Madly in love with Sam, she hates Heather (Sam’s girlfriend); her only pals are Mary, the coke addict and Ed, the guy in the chair.

Sam: Madly in love with Gaia, the confused college student can’t get over his beautiful girlfriend, Heather.

Heather: “Queen B—h;” Miss Popularity. (Need I say more?)

Ed: Gaia’s best friend. Ex-skater rat, ex-lover of Heather, and he too is lovin’ Gaia.

Ella: Gaia’s foster mother who is really an undercover agent for Loki, Gaia’s uncle.

Tom: Gaia’s CIA agent father who left her years ago.

Loki: Tom’s “evil” twin.

I recommend this series to anyone and everyone, yet I keep it a secret. What is wrong with me?

Gaia – “the girl born without the fear gene” – I just can’t live without her. Who can, once they’ve been introduced?

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