The family is the basic ,and the most important thing in building the society. The family ways of living are divided into two ways: the independent way of living ,and the dependent way of living. In my opinion I prefer to choose the independent way of living with parents to make the next generations satisfied.

Concerning the differences are: independent life with parents is more useful than the dependent one. Because being independent and responsible man from young age is very brilliant way to lead the next generations to be innovative with imaginative ideas. In addition to that, you will gain a lot of experiences ,and ideas to know how to deal with the hardships that you will face. However, the dependent life with parents lead to very weak ways of dealing with the future. Because being dependent will lead your parents to two unsatisfied ways: first you will not do or try anything because they care about you. In addition to that, they do not want you to be affected by anything ,and this will lead to lack of experiences. For example: if your parents refused to let you go school with bus, taxi ,or walking because they care about you. This later will cause semi phobia ,and you will be afraid to use this easy transportations. Second, you will not learn how to manage your life. As a result, you will not be able to manage a house, company ,or even your pocket money.

As for the similarities are: independent ,and the dependent life both are important. Because both of them will give you different experiences to know how to deal with life ,and how to build successful family that will affect the world positively with brightness future for the next generations. In addition to that, both provide society with success ,and peace. For example, the dependent ,and independent both provide life rules but in different ways. As for the independent life you should go ,and learn by yourself. However, the dependent one you gain your life rules from your parents. Also, life rules should be well known because they will help anyone to resist ,and pass any daunting challenges in the future.

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To sum up, both ways of living is good but first think how to use them effectively, and positively without causing any problems. To build well and exquisite future for the next generations. Finally, I prefer to live in independent family to grow effectively.

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