This book is about a girl, Nina, who was born with a skin problem called hemangioma, which caused an area of her eye to appear swollen and purplish-red. Nina, often dealt with disgust and rejection growing up, because of her eye, and she dealt with this by pitying herself. Later in her life Nina’s eye is barely noticeable because of surgery, yet she continues to believe that any rejection in her life is because of her eye, she fails to notice that all around her, others are suffering form the same rejection, hurt, and pain. Ms. Rosen expresses through this story, the message that, you have to dole out trust and love, because you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! The main theme of this story however, is that despite our flaws, we all face the same struggles in life, and we can’t pity ourselves, we need to live life to the fullest! This story is very real, and Ms. Rosen writes in a very clear, realistic style. I liked this book because it was very believable, and I felt that I could sympathize with Nina, especially when she discovered that she wasn’t any different from the rest of the world, “I had always thought of myself as the tag-along, the girl with the eye, the one boys would never like…But everyone got dumped…Everyone cried. What made me think I was any different than the rest of my friends?” The story depicts very clearly here, how Nina discovers that her problems earlier in life, her rejections, her heartbreak, that all wasn’t because of her eye; it was just a part of living life. I definitely recommend this story, and everybody can read it, and relate it to themselves.

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